Homework: Due Tues Jan 24, 2017, Worth 10%

In this homework you will pick one LOOK method and one ASK method and use them on your group members (e.g. a group of 4 will have up to 3 participants) to observe them doing a task invoving technology.

To clarify: Groups should sit down with each other and take turns running IDEO methods on each other. As an example: a group of 4 might have two members perform the IDEO methods (i.e. Shadowing and Fly on the Wall) while the other 2 members do a task. Each group member will need to perform 1 LOOK and 1 ASK method each. Following this you will write up a report discussing the method and results.

The task does not need to relate to your project.

Task Examples:

  • Project-related tasks
  • Interacting with UCSC's networks or websites
  • Navigating and consuming digital media
  • Playing a video game or using an app on someone else's cell phone

You'll submit a report on the results of the IDEO method use. This will include:

  • Information about the setting and the environment including:
    • Outdoors/Indoors?
    • Private space (apartment, dorm room) or public space (coffeeshop, campus)?
    • What time of day?
    • Why did you choose this environment? (eg. too cold outside, needed electrical outlets)
    • What recording equipment did you bring? (Camera/Microphone/Video recording?)
    • A picture of the location where the testing occurred.
  •  Your results from the LOOK and ASK method chosen including:
    • How did you perform the IDEO method? How were you positioned relative to the user?
    • What questions did you ask? Enclose a copy of your questionnaire or survey, or your interview questions.
    • What was your N?
    • What task did you have the user do?
    • Did you notice the user do anything unusual?
    • Did the user make any mistakes or experience any confusion?
    • Was the user aware of your presence?
    • A picture of the user in the process of doing the task.

Submit to the report toucschci@gmail.com